It’s the rhythm of the body and the feeling with which you get there.
— Luigi

the Luigi Jazz dance Technique

A Brief History:

The Luigi Jazz Technique was created by Eugene Louis Faccuito (Luigi) after a near fatal car accident placed him in a coma. Luigi awoke from the coma to be told you’ll never walk again. An inner voice took over, and kept saying “Never Stop Moving, Kid” Luigi’s spirit of determination told him “You’re going to dance again.”  On his own, Luigi started creating exercises into a routine that helped him to discover what had to be done in order for him to control his body. 
He learned to “always put the body in the right position”  and to “feel from the inside.” A year later after trial and error Luigi regained enough strength and equilibrium to start dance classes again at Falcon Studios in Hollywood. 

Luigi eventually was seen by a talent scout and asked to audition for MGM’s On the Town, starring Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra.  There were long waiting periods on the film sets, Luigi used his own exercises to make sure his body remained limber and would not ruin “a take.” Soon the other dancers were following him and a jazz class was born!

In 1956, Luigi went to NYC to perform in the Broadway Show “Happy Hunting” starring Ethel Merman and Fernando Lamas. Soon after he opened his school, The First World Jazz Centre” and dedicated himself to sharing his dance method.

It is vital that Luigi’s beautiful gift of Jazz Technique continues to be passed down to the next generation! #NeverStopMoving #ah5678

Luigi jazz technique classes

Introductory Classes for Ages 6 through Adult.

"Luigi Littles"  Ages 6-8
This special Introduction to Luigi technique has been formatted for Ages 6-8

Introduction to Luigi Technique  (Ages 9 through Adult)
Luigi Style Class  - 1.5 hr
Luigi Technique Class  - 1.5hr

*Please check our schedule for Luigi Jazz Class days and times available.

Luigi had a profound impact on my development as a Dancer + Artist.

His Classroom was unlike any other and I feel blessed to have studied 
at Luigi’s Jazz Centre. I love the Technique and I love the beauty of 
Luigi’s Choreography. Francis J. Roach continues Luigi’s Legacy at Luigi’s Jazz Centre.

I study at the Intensives and take class from Francis every chance I get.
— Jen Westphal

Left to Right: Francis J. Roach, Jen Westphal and Luigi @ Luigi Jazz Centre, NYC 2006

Left to Right: Francis J. Roach, Jen Westphal and Luigi @ Luigi Jazz Centre, NYC 2006