Welcome to Innovative Dance Midwest

mission statement

Innovative Dance Midwest, LLC blends innovation with tradition.
We respect families with our age appropriate curriculum, music, costuming and choreography. Our faculty’s teaching methodologies instill confidence, focus, teamwork and other life skills valuable to your child’s development.
We innovate. educate. inspire!

What We Do

Our Curriculum is built upon a strong foundation with attention to technique and terminology. Innovative Dance Midwest strives to provide high quality dance education in a fun positive nurturing atmosphere. We value all of our students whether they choose to dance recreationally or become part of our Dance Company (Intensive Program)
Innovative Dance Midwest is committed to providing age appropriate music, costuming and choreography that is family friendly. Parents, family and friends can rest at ease while attending our dancers performances!

Why Dance?

Dance develops the individual physically, artistically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. Dance students join an artistic family where they develop enduring friendships and nurture a passion for the arts.

Artistic - Self-expression, Creativity, Communication, Aesthetic Awareness, Maturity

Emotional - Confidence, Commitment, Determination, Self Respect, Joy and Excitement

Intellectual - Critical Thinking Skills, Problem Solving, Time Management,
Concentration and Focus, Self Discipline

Social - Camaraderie, Responsibility, Respect, Teamwork, Tolerance

Physical - Balance and Coordination, Structured Physical Activity, Correct Posture and Alignment, Strength and Flexibility

Dance Education inspires good work habits and healthy lifestyle choices.
Studies show that a structured dance program enhances academic achievement.
At every age and ability, dancing is exciting and joyful.

~ Compliments of Unity