Welcome to Innovative Dance Midwest

What We Do

Our Curriculum is built upon a strong foundation with attention to technique and terminology. Innovative Dance Midwest strives to provide high quality dance education in a fun positive nurturing atmosphere. We value all of our students whether they choose to dance recreationally or a more intensive track of study. 
Innovative Dance Midwest is committed to providing age appropriate music, costuming and choreography that is family friendly. Parents and relatives can rest at ease while watching their dancers perform. 
Dance provides valuable life lessons in time management, dedication, teamwork and perseverance to name a few. We hope you will view the Why Dance? page for many more beneficial reasons to enroll your child in Dance.

Our mission statement

Innovative Dance Midwest, LLC blends innovation with tradition.
We respect families with our age appropriate curriculum, music, costuming and choreography. Our faculty’s teaching methodologies instill confidence, focus, teamwork and other life skills valuable to your child’s development.

We innovate. educate. inspire!